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Interest rate rumors a flag for potential spending change

Posted on 14 May, under Commentary,

The economic news of the last month have been dominated by the first murmurings of action from global policy makers, which will lead to a higher interest rate environment for at least the next 3-5 years. Interest rates have a huge impact on the local consumer and their ability to spend – or rather their ability to use debt to supplement income and drive further spending.


Quiet school holiday period as people stay home

Posted on 14 May, under Monthly Reports,

The first term school holidays this year look to have been a relatively quiet affair, despite once again including more trading days than last year.

With the inclusion of ANZAC Day in the second week, how did Kiwis change their spending behaviour, holiday timing, and treat purchases?


Retailers must adapt, not run from online competitors

Posted on 3 May, under Commentary, Retail Trends.

This quarter our MD, Stephen Bridle, responds to the government’s recent announcement of the ‘Amazon Tax’, and what it will mean for the currently challenged retail environment.

Earlier this week the government announced its intention to collect GST on all goods purchased online from overseas merchants.  While praised by retailers and those in the industry, the general tenor of comments from readers of our online national press was anything but complimentary.  And if their feelings reflect the mood of New Zealand consumers, then collecting GST is going to do little to dissuade online purchasers.


Quarterly Update – March 2018

Posted on 18 April, under Quarterly SummarySeasonal Trends

The first quarter of the year has gotten off to a relatively healthy start for consumer spending, experiencing increases in both spending and transactions.

2018 has also so far seen the continuation of existing trends – booming takeaways and growing online spending – and the emergence of some new ones, as Kiwis increasingly chose ‘staycations’ over summer holidays..


Kiwis stock up for a long Easter weekend

Posted on 17 April, under Monthly Reports, Retail TrendsSeasonal Trends

Easter is traditionally a big long weekend for spending, as retailers and consumers alike take advantage of the opportunity for a sale. Incorporating two non-trading days (in most areas) also means the inevitable frenzy on supplies as Kiwis stock up for family road trips.

This month, we are only measuring spending over the first half of the weekend (Friday/Saturday), as well as the days leading up to the weekend, as Easter was split between March and April this year. Despite the smaller measured period, we still managed to see some strong spending growth in one of the longest national holiday periods.


Department stores not meeting all consumer demands

Posted on 16 March, under Monthly Reports, Retail Trends.

Since the beginning of 2017, we have seen overseas department stores facing a number of challenges. Early last year, well known U.S. department stores J.C. Penney, Sears and Macy’s all announced plans to close hundreds of stores. On top of closures, Macy’s has been expanding their discount format in place of full price offerings, and J.C. Penny has been liquidating assets. Closer to home, Australian department store Myer also closed multiple locations last year after lower than expected sales. After such a tough year for what used to be the overseas heavyweights of the department store format, should our local equivalents be worried?


Quiet end to the summer holidays

Posted on 14 February, under Monthly Reports, Seasonal Trends, Regions.

With Christmas and New Year out of the way, many Kiwis take the first week or two of January to enjoy the sunshine and head off on holiday. We wanted to take a look at where the top spots were around the country, and how Kiwis were spending their money on their summer roadies.


Flat white or fiction? How Millennials are really spending their money

Posted on 31 January, under InFocus, Retail Trends.

As of this year, the final wave of the Kiwi Millennial generation will be the first to qualify for a year of free tertiary education under the new Labour government. With the average student loan now $21,000, new tertiary students are cutting down a potentially huge financial burden, and adding to their weekly disposable income with a $50 boost to student allowances. With increased ability in the both the short and long term to exhibit the so-called ‘selfish’ spending habits of their generation, will these Millennials live up to their stereotype? Or is their spendthrift reputation based on fiction?